căutare aparate de uz casnic și electronice la cerere "Telecomanda Pioneer CU -XR031" în oraș Cluj-Napoca

Pioneer CS-989

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Boxe pe trei cai, bass-reflex, de mare calitate. Difuzoarele de bas de 25cm, fara plase frontale. Un bas impresionant... 35 to 20, 000hz; impedanta 6,3ohmi SPL: 90db Music power 120 watts Negociabil doar la predare personala.


Pioneer sph-da 100 defect

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Aparat functional , touch defect


Vand Case-Set Pioneer cdj 400 djm 250 mk2

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Vand Case Set Pioneer compus din , 2 cd playere (cdj 400), mixer djm 250mk2, case pioneer. Ingrijite, folosite doar la cateva evenimente, utilizate cu dj TRAKTOR-ul si usb memory stick. Bonus 2 X-uri (stative) in husa.


Alpine 117 ri -mp3 usb radio( kenwood pioneer sony jvc)

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Import Germania stare perfecta fara zgarieturi si butoane sterse Se vinde complet cu sina rama mufa alimentare telecomanda Pretul este FIX PROBA TESTE IN CLUJ Caracteristici Tuner Memorie : Posturi memorate (FM:18 / MW:6 / LW:6) Memorie : Auto Memorare Mod de cautare : Local / selectare DX RDS Functii RDS : TA, TP, PTY, NEWS, RADIO TEXT Bluetooth® Built-In sau pregatit : pregatit pentru Bluetooth Conectare : necesita Alpine KCE-400BT/-250BT . Functiile pot fi diferite in functie de modelul de telefon si de operatorul de retea. Hands Free : apelare tip "Hands Free" Agenta telefonica : Transfer agenda telefonica Streaming de muzica : Streaming de muzica (doar KCE-400BT) Control pentru streaming : Control pentru streaming (doar KCE-400BT) Conectare iPod® Facut pentru iPod Functioneaza cu iPhone Tip conectare : conectare USB Conectare : Cablu USB inclus Tip de sursa : Sursa dedicata iPod® Compatibilitate M.I.X. (Shuffle) : Song, Albums, All Control muzica : Sus / Jos pentru Playlist, Artist, Genre, Composer, Episode Selectii disponibile : Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, Audiobook Cautare procentuala : Cautare procentuala (Direct Search Function) Cautare alfabetica : Functia "Alphabet Skip" Informatii afisate : Artist, Song, Album Navigare usoara : Quick Search Redare disc Tip disc : CD Tip disc compatibil : CD/CD-R/CD-RW Redare : MP3/AAC/WMA DAC : DAC Burr-Brown Functie mute "Zero data" : 0 Bit Mute Digital Servo : Digital Servo Senzor : Senzor muzica Scan/Repeat Control redare : Play/Pause/Forward/Backward Mod M.I.X. : One (Folder)/All (Random Play)/Random (CD Only) Navigare usoara : Quick Search Conectare USB Conectare USB : Cablu USB inclus Redare : MP3/AAC/WMA Banking : Max. 20 banks (20,000 cantece) Setarea sunetului Nivel Subwoofer : reglare nivel subwoofer Filtru High Pass : Reglare Filtru High Pass MediaXpander : functie MediaXpander Time Correction : Time Correction pe canale Egalizator : egalizator 5 benzi grafic / 7 benzi parametric Control Bass & Treble : necesita PXA-H100 MultEQ : pregatit pentru MultEQ (necesita PXA-H100) Control magazie CD/DVD M.I.X. : One/All (Shuffle) Control Multi-Changer : control Multi-Changer inclusv magazia MP3 CHA-S634 (necesita KCA-410C) Informatii Music Text : CD:Text Scroll Display, MP3: Text Information Display (ID3 Tag) Control redare : Play/Pause/Forward/Backward Functie repetare : Song/Disc General Putere iesire : 4 x 50 W High Power Amplifier Magazie CD : COntrol Magazie CD Display : Alb LCD (5 x 9dot, x12) Tip control : Buton rotaiv Culoare fata : negru Iluminare butoane : Verde / Portocaliu / Albastru / Rosu PreOut : 3 PreOut-uri (4 V ) PreIn : 2 PreIn , selectabile (Front / Rear) Versatile Link : pregatit pentru intrare auxiliara Versatile-Link (necesita KCA-410C) AUX-In : AUX + Full Speed (necesita KCE-237B) ⁄ Ai-NET AUX IN (necesita KCA-235B) Control comenzi volan : compatibil comenzi volan (necesita adaptor) Control display OEM : Compatibil display OEM ( necesita adaptor) Reglare automata a volumului Fader & Balance : control Fader & Balance Rama frontala : Rama frontala detasabila Panou frontal : Panou frontal detasabil Dimmer : intrare dimmer Alimentare antena : Iesire alimentata pentru antena. Remote : Iesire remote pentru amplificator Intrerupere audio : Intreare intrerupere audioAudio Interrupt Input Telecomanda : Telecomanda inclusa Specificatii Putere maxima de iesire Putere max : 4 x 50 W Tuner FM Banda : 87.5-108.0 MHz Sensibilitate mono : 0.7 µV Selectare canal alternativ : 80.0 dB Raport semnal/zgomot : 65.0 dB Separare stereo : 35.0 dB Rata captura : 2.0 dB Tuner MW Banda : 531-1,602 kHz Sensibilitate disponibila (Standard IEC): 25.1/28.0 (µV/dB) Conexiune pentru USB USB : 1.1/2.0 Consum maxim : 500 mA Clasa USB : Mass Storage Sistem : FAT 12/16/32 Decodare MP3 : MPEG-1/2 AUDIO Layer-3 Decodare WMA : Windows Media™ Audio Decodare AAC : ACC-LC format ′′/m4a′′ file Canale : 2-canale (Stereo) Raspuns in frecventa : 5-20 k ±1 dB (Raspunsul in frecventa poate sa difere in functie de software-ul de scriere/rata bit) Distorsiune armonica totala : 0.008% (at 1 kHz) Raza dinamica : 95 dB (at 1 kHz) Raport semnal/zgomot : 105 dB Separarea canalelor : 85 dB (at 1 kHz) Redare disc Raspuns in frecventa : 5-20 k ±1 dB Repararea canalelor (1kHz) : 85dB Raza dinamica (1kHz) : 95 dB Distorsiune armonica totala : 0.008% (at 1 kHz) Wow & Flutter (%WRMS) : B.M.L. Oversampling : 8x/352.8 kHz Raport semnal/zgomot : 105 dB Setarea sunetului Reglare nivel subwoofer : 0 to 15 Filtru High Pass : OFF/60/80/100Hz (selectabil) Control nivel bass : ±7 (necesita PXA-H100) Control nivel treble : ±7 (necesita PXA-H100) Moduri MediaXpander : FM, CD, XM, MP3, (Level 1, 2, 3, Off), DVD Video (Level 1, 2, Off), DVD Music (Level 1, Off) Time Correction : Adjustable x Ch. Time Correction (L-F/R-F/L-R/R-R/L-SW/R-SW) Egalizator : 5 benzi parametric (20Hz - 20KHz, 1/3 oct. Steps) nivel reglabil: −6 to +6 dB latime de banda reglabila: 1, 1.5, 3 sau 7 benzi grafic - nivel iesire reglabil : −6 to +6 dB Telecomanda Inclusa/Optional : Inclusa Model : RUE-4202 Baterie : Bateri AAA (2 buc) Dimensiuni (W x H x D) mm : 42mm x 121mm x 23mm Greutate : 50 g Dimensiuni DIN : 1 Dimensiune unitate (W x H x D) mm : 178 mm x 50 mm x 160 mm Dimensiune fata (W x H x D) mm : 170 mm x 46 mm x 24 mm General Cerinte putere : 14.4 (11-16) V.DC Voltaj Pre Output : 4 V Temperaturi operare (°C) : intre 60°C si -10°C Unghi maxim instalare : 35° de la orizontal Greutate : 1.6 kg Accesorii recomandate Interfata Bluetooth KCE-250BT Interfata Bluetooth KCE-400BT Ai-NET to Mini Jack Interconnector KCA-235B Adaptor Mini Jack Fullspeed KCE-237B


Amplificator referenz pioneer sc-lx83 multichannel 7.2 hdmi

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Vand unul dintre cele mai buna amplificatoare multichannel 7.1 Pioneer SC-LX83 din gama de referinta . A fost un aparat care a costat in jur de 3000 euro !Sunetul deosebit de bun atat pe modul cinema si exceptional pe STEREO. Are foarte multe facilitati, foarte multe posibilitati de reglaj al sunetului manual ( egalizator 10 benzi, plus reglaj BASS si Treble), reglaj al subwooferului in cazul activarii lui. Vine cu toate accesorile originale si manual tiparit, intr-o cutie de carton Pioneer de la un alt model insa se potriveste perfect. Aparatul arata ca nou si nu a fost folosit decat demonstrativ de cateva ori. The flagship SC-LX83 and SC-LX73 integrate our Direct Energy HD amplification concept, to accurately reproduce the full dynamics of high resolution uncompressed sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Smart technical innovations ensure compressed audio is revitalised for a great listening experience, while leading HD video formats are supported, including 3D, and powerful upscaling transforms standard video to stunning quality. The receivers are compatible with all key interfaces and content formats and also provide Bluetooth music streaming and LAN connectivity (for internet radio). They can be operated by a remote control option using our iControlAV app for iPhone and iPod touch, providing ultimate plug and play integration with our home cinema systems. The SC-LX83 and SC-LX73 feature our celebrated Direct Energy HD Amplifier design – built on ICEpower analogue Class D technology, whereas the VSX-LX53 and VSX-2020 are built around our Advanced Direct Energy amplifiers. All systems exude quality: our devotion to precision engineering is clear from the tactile hairline black aluminium front panel (except the VSX-2020) and subtle blue LED lighting for the display, to the rigid construction and use of high-end components. Sonic purity Our original implementation of ICEpower analogue Class D technology is now at its fourth generation and delivers overwhelming power (an amazing true multi-channel continuous power output of 770 watts over 7 channels in the SC-LX83) free from any distortion. The Direct Energy HD design has earned the coveted THX Ultra 2 Plus (SC-LX83) / THX select 2 Plus (SC-LX73) certification, making it the first Class D implementation to be THX certified. Additional certification comes from the world renowned AIR Studios. Its engineers were actively involved in the tuning of the receivers to assure that they can recreate the studio experience in the home. Our Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) used in combination with a compatible Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player eliminates audio distortion caused by timing errors, resulting in playback with dynamic sound quality. On the SC-LX83 this unique technology now also covers bitstream transfers in addition to PCM data. Movies will be more engaging than ever with the inclusion of Dolby Pro Logic IIz processing technology, delivering a spacious, deep and enveloping surround sound experience. The pursuit of audio precision is also evident in technology that revitalises compressed audio. The Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) compensates the quality of lossy compressed audio such as MP3, AAC or WMA and conventional multi-channel soundtracks such as Dolby Digital or DTS.This Pioneer original technology works with any compressed digital sound source (portable audio and disc players, digital broadcast sources, etc) to return depth and vibrancy to audio lost in compression. Similar benefits are achieved by Sound Retriever Air, the first quality improvement technology for Bluetooth which restores sound pressure and density while significantly reducing transmission noise. The systems also include our Phase Control Technology to overcome phase lag between channels and significantly improve multi-channel sound. Moreover, the SC-LX83 provides Full Band Phase Control to compensate for phase shifting that occurs in multi-channel speaker networks. It ensures audio arrives at the listening position in perfect synchronisation. Key audio technologies are rounded off by our celebrated Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC). It operates in the same way as a professional sound stage, enabling you to automatically adjust speaker set-ups and fine-tune your system to the unique dynamics of your space for outstanding performance. Video performance Resolution of 1080p true 24-frames per second is complemented by 36-bit HDMI Deep Colour support for cinema experiences of stunning depth and clarity. A powerful video upscaler is included to automatically up-rate standard definition video to 1080p. Compatibility with HDMI version 1.4a ensures that 3D content from broadcasting, games to home cinema can be processed with resolutions of up to 1080p. Connectivity, versatility and control The receivers can connect up to six HDMI sources and play all key video and audio formats. iPhone and iPod touch users can simply stream music usin


Telecomanda pilot

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Telecomanda pilot pentru televizoare și dvd


Telecomanda universala

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Telecomanda universala Hama


Telecomanda Canon

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telecomanda pentru aparate foto CANON Powershot model WL-DC300 nefolosita


Telecomanda minidisc md sony rm-d 29m

lajumate.ro 65 Cluj-Napoca

perfect functional, poza reala, compatibil cu toate MD-urile SONY


Telecomanda Micnova IR Nikon

www.olx.ro 25 Cluj-Napoca

Telecomanda pentru aparatele foto Nikon. Prezinta zgarieturi deoarece are o suprafata lucioasa, in rest functioneaza perfect, nu are probleme. Am folosit-o de 4 ori


Telecomandă Philips Ambilight (aluminum)

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AMP, DVD-R, TV, SAT, AUX Detalii în fotografii. Nu accept schimburi. Prefer livrare personală în Cluj Napoca dar trimit și prin poștă. Pentru detalii folosiți mesageria OLX. Nu pot răspunde la telefon cât sunt la lucru.


Vand telecomanda poarta Nice

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Vand telecomanda poarta nice flor-s


Telecomanda video VHS Toshiba VT859B

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Vand o telecomanda pentru video VHS Toshiba. Are codul VT859, se potriveste la mai multe modele. Este in stare perfecta de functionare


Feiyu Tech - FY-WG Gimbal for GoPro 3/3+/4 + Telecomanda G4RC

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Doar predare personala in Cluj-Napoca. Functioneaza perfect. Feiyu Tech FY-WG - Gimbal 3 axe pentru GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 si alte camere cu dimensiuni asemanatoare. Inclinare: 320° Rotire 320° Roll 100° Viteza de inclinare: 2°-75°/S Viteza de rotire: 3° - 150°/S Acuratete: 0.01 - 0.05° Acumulator: 2x baterii tip 16340; 900 mAh Autonomie: 3-4 ore Greutate: 185.5 g fara baterii si camera Se vinde cu toate accesoriile din imagine. Telecomanda a fost achizitionata separat. *** Feiyu Tech - FY-WG Gimbal for GoPro 3/3+/4 - *** Feiyu Tech G4RC - telecomanda pentru G4 -


DONEZ Telecomanda pt camere video Sony RMT840

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DONEZ Telecomanda Sony RMT 840 pentru camere video Sony Doar pt CLUJ.


Telecomanda Sistem Audio Samsung ah59-02483a DA-E 550 750 75

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produs nou poze reale, pt sistem de andocare dicking samsung DA-E 550 DA-E 750 DA-E 751 etc.


Telecomanda Timelapse pt Nikon. Timelapse

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Telecomanda Timelapse pt Nikon. Timelapse