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Telecomanda aer conditionat samsung

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se vinde telecomanda aer conditionat Samsung . produsul este nou.


Adaptor Wifi aparate aer conditionat

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4 bucati disponibile; 160 euro / bucata INTESIS ME-AC-MBS-1 Gateway Modbus RTU-MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MPN:ME-AC-MBS-1 Type: ME-AC-MBS-1 Manufacturer: Intesis Softw IntesisBox ME-AC-MBS-1 allows the monitoring and control of all image parameters of Mitsubishi Electric Domestic and Mr.Slim Air Conditioners in Modbus RTU (RS-485) networks. MAIN FEATURES: Reduced dimensions: 93 x 53 x 58 mm. Fast and easy installation. Mounting on DIN rail, wall or even inside the indoor unit in some models of AC. External power supply not required. Direct connection to MODBUS RTU (RS-485) networks. Up to 63 ME-AC-MBS-1 devices can be connected to the same network. ME-AC-MBS-1 is a Modbus slave device. Direct connection to the AC indoor unit. The cable for this connection is also included. Configuration of both DIP switches and MODBUS RTU. Total control and monitoring. Real states of the internal variables of the AC unit. Allows simultaneous use of the IR remote control and the MODBUS RTU.


Filtru Rayen pentru aer conditionat

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Vând filtru Rayen pentru aerul condiţionat Acesta se poate ajusta după mărimea potrivită aerului conditionat.


Aer conditionat Saeco stare buna de functionare .

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Aparat are conditionat saeco.400 lei. Neg.