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Vind Gem model WK2 Midi Arranger Module, keyboard controler Behringer

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Vind Gem model WK2 Midi Arranger Module (cu orchestrator) si pedala de volum ,cu keyboard controler Behringer ,model UMX 490 de patru octave. Modulul Gem poate fi folosit si la acordeoanele cu midi. Specificatii tehnice: WK2 Midi Arranger Module The WK2 MIDI ARRANGER is a desk-top module particularly suitable for one-man-bands, solo pianists, guitarists and singers; special presets allow you to quickly and easily set up the unit for most common MIDI situations without any complicated programming. The WK2 MIDI ARRANGER features a dedicated control which allows you to quickly adjust the balance between melody volume and accompaniment volume, either in style mode or in song mode. The WK2 MIDI ARRANGER is also available in a version called the WK2 HARD DISK MIDI ARRANGER, complete with a pre-loaded hard disk containing over 200 songs, (each with a special Backing Vocal track), and over 100 styles. It also features a built-in Vocal Harmonizer. WK2 MIDI Arranger Accordion The WK2 MIDI ARRANGER is now available as the WK2 MIDI ARRANGER ACCORDION, a special version particularly suited for modern accordionists. The WK2 MIDI ARRANGER ACCORDION offers 16 new expressive accordion sounds, perfect for playing a vast music repertoire. The 16 sounds can be selected on the control panel or via MIDI - either from an accordion fitted with a MIDI interface or from an Accordion MIDI Controller. The new accordion sounds can be saved within the performances, or selected using the Direct Access Memory buttons. In addition, a number of orchestrations can be stored onto floppy disk. Technical Specifications Polyphony 32 notes. Sounds 444 PCM sounds, 17 drum kits. 16 new accordion sounds (WK2 MIDI Arranger Accordion). Operating Mode 3 real-time sections (Lower, Upper 1, Upper 2). Controls 4 cursor keys, enter, escape, dial, +/- buttons, 1 keypad, 1 selection button (song / style / sound), 16 direct access buttons (16 Direct Style Memory - 16 Direct Sound Memory). Single Touch Play 10 per style. Performances 63 real-time editable. Edit Track edit - 16 tracks (On/Off, volume, reverb send, chorus send, transpose, detune, pan, volume pedal, damper, pitch bend / modulation, pitch bend range). Display Multifunction LCD (colored and backlit). Styles 96 styles x 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3). Style Controls Start/Stop, Intro, Ending, Fill , Key Start/Continue, Fade, Arrange On/Off, Arrange Memory, Lower Memory, Bass to Lowest, 4 arrangement modes (one finger, fingered 1, fingered 2, free style). Chord lock. Digital Effects 22 reverbs + 22 effects. Vocal Processor (WK2 Hard Disk MIDI Arranger) Sequencer 7 song styles, 7 user songs (16 tracks), 8 programmable styles, 4 tracks (Lower, Upper 2, Upper 1, Chords), Play/Stop, Record. Disk Drive Load, Save, Delete, Format, Utility, Direct from Disk / Hard Disk, Play all Songs, Load while Playing. Compatibility: Standard MIDI Files type 0, 1 and 1 + lyrics; GMX, WK3, PK7, CD and RASS formats. Hard Disk Internal hard disk - 2.5", IDE interface (WK2 Hard Disk MIDI Arranger). MIDI 16 channels, common channel, 16 tracks local On/Off, external clock, General Midi On/Off, MIDI Start/Stop, channel lock, dump. Connections 2 headphones, damper, pedal, volume pedal, computer host (PC1, PC2, Mac), MIDI In/Out/Thru, L/R output, video out (RGB / S-VHS). Dimensions (LxHxD) 270 x 95 x 250 mm. Weight 3.2 Kg (WK2 MIDI Arranger / WK2 MIDI Arranger Accordion); 3.5 Kg WK2 Hard Disk MIDI Arranger).